C.O.A.C.H. Y.O.U.

The Introverted Skeptic’s Guide to Leadership

Are You An Introverted Skeptic?

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Struggling to find how you fit in the leadership puzzle?

How often are you exhausted by days spent in meetings? Do you feel out of sync with others’ decisions or solutions and feel like your questions are received poorly? Perhaps your desire to be methodical and thorough is under-appreciated – or even criticized. 

Ultimately, it can feel as if you are getting asked to twist yourself into a human pretzel. Embrace the leader you are instead of trying to be who others expect.

If any of this resonates with you, it’s possible you are an Introverted Skeptic. While you are more complex than those two things, being this hybrid personality type can be challenging and also a unique asset in the workplace.

In this book, you explore how to:

  • Shift your perspective and recognize the power of leading as you.
  • Get traction by using C.O.A.C.H. Y.O.U. insights to motivate and reinforce your commitment to conscious action.
  • Amplify your impact through practical leadership skill development

The first person who needs to believe you are the right piece for the leadership puzzle is you. From there, you have a strong foundation to influence and persuade others by flexing your strengths – not pretending or striving to be like someone else.

Includes opportunities to build skills including communication tools, guided mindfulness, recognizing and diffusing cognitive distortions, and building strategic plans.

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Who you are as a human has a significant impact on who you are as a leader. That may seem relatively obvious on the surface. Still, consider how often you hear someone – or yourself – say: 

I’m not that way at home. 
I’m not that way at work. 

The truth? Yes, yes, you are that way. You are the same human in both situations. Your life isn’t a science fiction story. You don’t morph into another being when you begin or end your work day – even if some days it feels as if you do. 

Who you are is great as is. You are not broken. Therefore, you don’t need to seek out things to “fix” you. You may be interested in ways to be more engaged, more connected, and more impactful. That’s what I’d love to share with you…

Beki Fraser in C.O.A.C.H. Y.O.U. The Introverted Skeptic’s Guide to Leadership
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