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I’m very passionate about the coaching that I do. In addition to that, I love having the conversations and sharing the insights I’ve collected throughout my life.

You own the agenda in a coaching conversation – we aim for your goals and focus on the experiences you want to create. When I’m speaking, I’m sharing my experiences and knowledge for you to absorb and integrate. As always – the choice is yours as to how you will experiment going forward.

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The Corner Social
South Lyon, MI

Wed, 11 January 2023
Stop in 4:00 – 6:30pm ET

45th Parallel Distillery – Stillwater
Stillwater, MN

Wed, 18 January 2023
Stop in 4:30 – 7:00pm CT

The Office Coffee Shop
Royal Oak, MI

Wed, 25 January 2023
Stop in 4:00 – 6:30pm ET

I’ll be hosting book signings of my new book:
C.O.A.C.H. Y.O.U.: The Introverted Skeptic’s Guide to Leadership.

Are you struggling to find your fit in the leadership puzzle? I believe it is not worth the energy of leading as anyone other than you. Whether you see yourself as an introverted skeptic or want to learn more about the style of those who are, this book encourages you to consider your mindset and build skills for leadership.

Stop by to connect with me and have your book personally signed. Bring your purchased book with you or buy one on-site to be signed. Registration is preferred, but not required.

You can buy the book on Amazon and wherever you buy books.

Previous Events & Engagements

Coaching Concepts:
The Impact on Your Career

Hosted By: Blue Water HR Association

19 January 2022
12:00 – 1:30pm ET
Blue Water Convention Center; Port Huron, MI

If offered the chance to increase engagement in your life and lower your stress, how willing would you be to take that first step? What if by learning those strategies, you were able to help others do it too? In this session, you will be introduced to how core energy coaching concepts affect how you feel about your work and also how you engage with others in the workplace (and outside).

In this session, you will learn and discuss:
* The differences in coaching, mentoring, and consulting
* Strategies for building stronger relationships and, or higher engagement in your role
* What one thing you choose to develop for yourself – and commit to a first step in that direction

Culture/Employee Retention
Mastering the ABCs.

Hosted By: Barry County Chamber & EDA

17 November 2021,
12:00 – 1:00pm ET (Virtual)

Establishing and maintaining your ideal culture can feel like you are grasping at clouds. You can see it and know it exists – and still feel like it’s inaccessible. Your employees know culture by what they feel, especially in times of change or transformation. You may not be able to control all the external factors yet you do have influence over the employee attitudes and behaviors inside.

In this session, we will discuss key aspects of designing the culture you want — and then taking the meaningful steps of implementation and sustainability. Learn how to integrate the ABCs of culture into your organization so you are a place where people want to stay – and join – as an employer of choice.

Activating the
Coaching Capability

Hosted By: Detroit Chapter
Association for Talent Development (ATD)

12 October 2021,
5:00 – 7:00pm ET (Virtual)

Everywhere you turn, you are likely hearing about coaching. You might be curious about what that really means in general – and specifically for you and your career. Let’s discuss how growing your knowledge and skills around coaching can amplify the impact of your other capabilities.

This session will give attendees perspective about how coaching capabilities can have an impact from any seat. You will get perspective on how things look different when you are coaching from your role versus coaching is your role.

Attracting and Retaining Talented People

Hosted By: MEECA

13 October 2021,
10:00 – 11:00am ET (Virtual)

When you are looking to attract or retain talent in your organization, you have a story to tell. It’s the true story of the value you provide through your products and services, the commitment you make to your employees, and the support you give them as members of the team. It might be delivered as a full presentation or in bits and pieces as opportunities arise. What matters is that you know the plot – and that you share the story with others. Consistently. Join in to talk about how to tell the story of your organization in a way that is authentic and rings true. 

Rising Stars 2021 Coach

Network of Executive Women (NEW)

Program Dates: 15-17 June 2021

5-month leadership development program that empowers leaders by increasing self-awareness, enhancing leadership skills and providing an opportunity for participants to expand their networks. Ideal for high-potential individual contributors, this program uses straightforward feedback and practical learning to expand participants’ leadership capacity.

Be Heard Even When You Whisper

Coalition of Minority Professional Engineering Societies

8 May 2021

Imagine if you believed the following: When you are driving your own career, you aren’t allowing others to design the vehicle, the road, or the destination. Others get input and have perspective – with your permission.

In this session, you will be invited to believe it – at least a little bit more if not entirely. We will work toward getting that voice inside your head to move from critical toward insightful, discuss a framework to give your work a voice, and move fully into the driver seat for your career.

Thriving as an Introverted Skeptic in a Shortcut World

Live Discussion with Dan Manning, #HumanIntelligence

10 March 2021

You might be an Introverted Skeptic if:
~ You recharge your energy when you are alone or small groups
~ You get a little choosy about which words you share – and with whom
~ You quickly identify what’s likely to break or be inefficient about ideas and solutions – and motivated to discover a fix

That also means you might get a certain kind of feedback that you could ‘change a few things’ about how you interact with people and projects. Many of those suggestions and bits of (intended to be) constructive feedback might feel like shortcuts that fail to meet the need? Maybe you feel like you are expected to be someone else at work to fit with the expectations.Imagine if you could address that feedback – even if it’s only from the voice inside your head – and lead like you?