Introverted Skeptics

Power of Personality

A single personality trait may indicate certain strengths and challenges in the workplace. I recognized two common traits among my clients and have a passion and an affinity for supporting them as they navigate professional waters.

Introverts prefer the quiet to concentrate. You are reflective and comfortable being alone. You don’t enjoy working in large groups. You prefer to take your time making decisions and often feel drained after being in a crowd.

Skeptics don’t tend to accept information at face value. You question and challenge what you see and hear. You value evidence and proof over feelings and anecdotes. You seek out problems to be solved and work diligently to fix them.

Are You An Introverted Skeptic?

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The Benefits are…

As an introverted skeptic, you tend to care deeply about the work you do and independently strive to deliver thoughtful, well-reasoned solutions. You are creative and have strong problem-solving skills, including the ability to view an issue through multiple lenses. You tend to notice things about people on your team or in your organization before others do given your observations skills. You are able to connect the dots and find a through-line even when they seem scattered to others. You identify opportunities, risks, and insights that others miss.

The Challenge is…

With all those strengths and benefits available, you may feel less than fully appreciated at work – and perhaps even feel that your work is not recognized or visible to others. You don’t want to be one who is talking about your successes and believe the work speaks for itself (or should!). Yes, you have heard you should ‘speak up more’. It’s just that when you do, you hear back that your observations can ‘come off as negative’. It’s hard to come up with the answer right at the moment when questions are being fired at you. It would be great if you could just have some solo time or pull in a couple knowledgeable people to prepare a response – and that doesn’t feel like an option.

Introverted Skeptics
and Me

Many are curious about the origin of the ‘introverted skeptic’ and why I chose to focus on coaching that group.

Mostly? I see you, I like you, and I find you interesting. Hear more in this video!