Get a L.I.F.T.

How will you position yourself for the next promotion?

What strategies exist to hold your teammates or staff accountable?

Where is the rule book for managing up? 

What can be done to make peace with a colleague?

What boundaries can be set to get the most important things done?

...or other questions you have that need answers


Kate Henson and I have created space for you to give and receive insights in a confidential and comfortable virtual conversation. We know that gathering together and openly sharing ideas and support creates opportunity and insight. Our collaboration is wholly in support of you finding what you need to transition to that next stage you have defined - or even to help you define it! 


Getting a L.I.F.T.

We define L.I.F.T. as Launching Into Fearless Transition and we have created a place where you find support in reaching your goals. It's great to have a support system at home and in the workplace. That said, those who know little about you have the ability to share ideas that those who know you might rule out. The experiences shared by others give a boost otherwise not experienced. We create the opportunity for that magic to happen.

The transitions we discuss may be big or small. We are all making adjustments in life. Join us for an opportunity to meet people - across levels, across function, and across industry - for sharing perspective and support.

We use a semi-structured approach as a powerful way to connect. Each event includes no more than ten people to talk about 2-3 situations. Topics are based on what the participants bring to the table. Members of the group are professionals and leaders in corporate, public or nonprofit entities who want a chance to grow and develop - just like you. 


Join Us!

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No spam. Only relevant offers.