Share Your Experience

Why I Ask

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Throughout your career, you have learned to become an increasingly successful leader. You learned how to lead yourself and others (up, down, and sideways!).

I’m writing a book on leadership with a focus on introverted skeptics. I’m very excited about this! Your experiences give true context and perspective to the leadership concepts I’m writing about. I want to hear about the stories and examples of an inflection point in your career as a way to test my ideas, provide context for my readers, and deepen the impact.

I can draw from my own experiences and will. Even with those rich experiences, it’s only a single lens. Yours will make it an even richer reading experience.

The Stories I Seek

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Your journey has been uniquely your own. If you are introverted or skeptical – or both – you have learned how to make that work for you along the way. The story I seek is of that learning about yourself as a successful and effective leader.

Examples would include the situation, your insight or realization, and how you changed as a result. Don’t worry about grammar and syntax! I’m interested in you – not your spelling skills!

Scenarios to share may be related to (but not limited to):

  • When you realized you didn’t need to pretend to be someone else to be an effective leader (talk more, ask less, etc)
  • How you leveled up as a leader when your responsibilities grew within your career
  • Found ways to connect and influence other leaders while keeping your energy bucket full

Please know, any personally identifiable information would only be included with your explicit permission.

Thank you in advance for sharing your story!
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