Work With Me

Why A Coach?

I get asked, “Why hire a coach?” I get it. You are smart, capable, and know how to get work done. You have gotten yourself here and have potential to go farther or higher in the organization, depending on what your heart desires. All those things may very well be true – and probably are.

What We Achieve Together

Coaching is about developing what you already have and optimizing or maximizing your impact. I’m not raising my hand to make you ‘smarter’ and you don’t need that. I’m raising my hand to support your discovery of more confidence, increased effectiveness, and ultimately you feeling like your feet are on a stronger foundation. Maybe you see it yourself or you are getting feedback about how the next step is a challenging one to take or you have some ‘derailers’ surfacing that may keep you from your best success. Maybe, just maybe, you feel like it’s all just harder than it needs to be and want to have confidential and objective support to figure that out.

I’m not here to “fix” you. In fact, I hope you know you aren’t broken!

What Do We Talk About?

Expanding Leadership

  • Integrating additional team members,
  • Managing organizational change, and
  • Developing the leaders you lead

Leadership Leap

  • Newly minted leadership role and figuring it out
  • Exploring who you will be as an emerging leader
  • Deciding if a leadership track is for you

Perhaps you have had a chance to explore what leadership means to you or maybe not. Regardless of where you are on that spectrum, we can work to fine-tune your attitudes and actions about your leadership style and how you manage the context in which you lead. We can explore how that changes as you take on new projects, more teams, or increasingly complex challenges?

For introverted skeptics, this often includes conversations about putting yourself out there with your team members, your peers, your leaders. You may be challenged by team members who are far different from your style and seeking to reap the rewards available among those differences.

Finding Your Voice

  • Sharing your thoughts and opinions effectively
  • Honoring the value of who you are – how you think
  • Training others how to treat you

Getting Out of Your Head

  • Moving from ideas to planned action
    (Analysis Paralysis)
  • Showing your work and gaining stakeholder buy-in
  • Deciding for action – even in those times of change and ambiguity

Not sure what to say? Or how to say it? Or when to say it? Those questions keeping you from saying anything at all? When you do, it feels like you asked ‘That Question’. You know the one that stops conversation? The silence is deafening and you aren’t entirely certain if that’s good or bad.

Introverted skeptics might be tempted to internalize the worst version of those events. Let’s talk about those questions or critiques that aren’t always welcome that sound like ‘speak up’ or ‘include others more’. We can craft an appropriate message so you aren’t relying on the first words that are coming to mind. The message matters beyond intelligent content. Speaking of content, sometimes it’s easy to keep iterating on which approach is best.

CYA – Covering Your Angles

  • Leveraging thought partnership to sort and decide
  • Choosing your next career or business direction and achieving what is most important to you

Confident strategizing

  • Exploring the ‘forest’ created by the ‘trees’ to understand and maximize your broader opportunities
  • Designing your longer-term future and designing the shorter-term to support it

Sometimes it feels as if there’s the choice you ‘should’ make that is in competition with what you believe is the best decision. You want to honor what the organization wants while also doing what’s best for you and your team. Particularly as you rise in the organization, it’s important to look to the horizon and beyond – not just at your feet. We will partner to frame out the direction, the communications and how to influence stakeholders to buy-in to those strategies and plans. The agenda and direction is fully yours with me as your sounding board and ‘devil’s advocate’ challenger so you have a robust plan that gives you confidence and clarity of direction.

“It is literally true that you
can succeed best and
quickest by helping
others succeed.”

Napoleon Hill