Negotiating with Yourself

Negotiating with yourself costs you an opportunity to build relationships with key stakeholders and advocates. Open, honest discussion strengthens understanding and empathy — and makes it easier to ask for what you want the next time. Do the research, understand the variable value of each point, ask for what you want (or a little more!),…

Do Less, Lead More

“You, and those around you, don’t get to see what is coming toward you. This results in missed opportunities or — worst case — encountering a crisis otherwise averted”

Leaders, Hold Your Labels Lightly

What you believe about yourself affects how you interact with others – and how you talk to yourself. Holding your labels lightly allows you to stay curious and find ways to stretch beyond your comfort zone.

3 Ways to Be a Better Listener

“Becoming more conscious of when you tune out or stop listening is challenging. The awareness happens after the fact, too late to fix on the fly. If you aspire to be a deeper listener, think about how to gain insights from those gaps. That is how to better understand your patterns and avoid missteps before…


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