Negotiating with Yourself

Negotiating with yourself costs you an opportunity to build relationships with key stakeholders and advocates. Open, honest discussion strengthens understanding and empathy — and makes it easier to ask for what you want the next time. Do the research, understand the variable value of each point, ask for what you want (or a little more!), and get more of what you really want.

Introverted Skeptics Leading in Bliss from Home

For introverted skeptics, working from home all or part of the time can be bliss – long stretches of solitude and uninterrupted time to focus, to amass and analyze all the relevant information, and to polish their work to a glossy sheen. In this energizing and productive nirvana, there is a temptation to avoid activitiesContinue reading “Introverted Skeptics Leading in Bliss from Home”

Craft the Story: Attract and Retain Your Top Talent

You’ve seen the statements companies craft to express their principles and values. As a leader, you’ve probably helped write them. They often include phrases like these: People First.  The Best People. Respect for People. Build Community. We Believe in People. These statements are hung in creative ways in entryways of company buildings. (Remember those?) AndContinue reading “Craft the Story: Attract and Retain Your Top Talent”